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When Sergeant Luke Jordan his dog, Hellion, travel home to Texas for Christmas, they’re looking forward to two weeks of well-earned rest and relaxation from their award-winning K9 search and rescue unit. They didn’t count on arriving home to an amber alert...

Penelope Pierce has been hiding behind the alias of Pepper Smith ever since she fled the Saints, her father’s notorious gang of bank robbers. It’s her greatest fear that they will find her and force her to return to the gang...

Poor little rich girl Bernadette Chambers is weary of being told what to do. All her life, she’s been instructed how to dress, how to act, and who she is allowed to befriend. However, she draws the line at being told she has to marry a man she’s never met...

Elizabeth Byrd receives an invitation to join her friends in Angel Creek, Montana to become a mail-order bride. At first, the young battlefield nurse is scandalized by the idea of agreeing to marry a man she’s never met...

Abigail Price, a recently widowed church secretary, receives a letter from an old friend, urgently requesting her presence for the opening of the Mountain Springs Church in rural Idaho. Though things are difficult at the moment, financially and otherwise, she splurges on a train ticket...

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