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1. Why can't I currently buy all of Jo's/Jovie's ebooks from the Nook/iBooks/Kobo/Google stores?  

At the moment, I has an exclusive eBook contract with Amazon for several of my series. However, you do not need to own or purchase a Kindle to read my eBooks! Just click HERE to download the FREE Kindle App. Once you download the free app, you can read my eBooks on any of the following devices:

  • Smart phone (iPhone/iPod Touch/Android/Apple or Windows/Blackberry)

  • Tablet (iPad/Android/Apple or Windows)

  • Computer (desktop or laptop, Mac or Windows)


Once you've downloaded the free Kindle App, you can purchase any of my books (under either pen name) that are exclusive to Amazon and it will automatically appear in your app.

2. When will Jo's/Jovie's next book release be? 

Please click HERE to receive a personal email announcement about each new release.  

3. Are Jo's/Jovie's books available in paperback?

Yes, ALL of my books are available in paperback on Amazon.

4. Will there be a movie based on the Heart Lake Series or another one of Jo's/Jovie's books/series?

Anything is possible, but I don't have any news to share just yet. Click here to sign up for my email list, and you'll be one of the first to hear about all of my special announcements!


5. Where am I most likely to bump into one of the swoony cowboys from Jo's Born In Texas Series?


In the Texas panhandle area, of course. These stories are based near Hereford, Texas — a small ranch town best known as the beef capitol of the world!

6. Are Jo's/Jovie's stories available as audiobooks?

Not yet, but I promise they are coming soon!


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