Black Tie Billionaires

Her Billionaire Boss

Sweet contemporary romance with humor and heart!

Jacey Maddox is determined to atone for her forbidden love and tragically short marriage by dedicating the rest of her career to her late husband’s family firm, Genesis & Sons. That is, if they’ll consider hiring a hated Maddox…

CEO Luca Calcagni is determined to teach the rebel youngest daughter of their biggest rival firm the lesson of her life by hiring her as his personal assistant. He never counted on their explosive attraction any more than she counted on discovering herself pregnant with his dead brother’s son. When she threatens to raise her child as far as possible from the reaches of their age-old family feud, it’ll take his most skillful negotiating to maneuver her into a marriage of convenience to keep her and the last tie to his brother – her unborn child – in town.

Except marriage to the stunning, artistic, and complex Jacey turns out to be anything but convenient…

Her Billionaire Bodyguard

Coming soon! Here are the opening lines:

Don Kappelman was the kind of guy people tended to notice. A guy who stood six feet, three inches could hardly expect to hide in a crowd. Plus, he possessed the shoulders, chest, and arms of a bodybuilder.

He was also the kind of guy people kept their distance from. No doubt it had something to do with his closely shaved head, a throwback from his Special Forces days, and the scar that ran across his left eyelid and extended halfway down his cheek.

But his come-no-closer image suited him just fine. As the right-hand man of high-profile CEO Luca Calcagni, he wasn’t looking to make a large circle of friends. Calcagni paid well, and the job offered plenty of opportunities to fly which allowed him to maintain his coveted pilot’s license. Additionally, it left him with the time to pick up private security gigs on weekends and holidays.

Like the one he was working tonight...

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