Black Tie Billionaires

Her Billionaire Boss

Heart-gripping contemporary with Taming of the Shrew overtones!

Jacey Maddox is determined to atone for her forbidden love and tragically short marriage by dedicating the rest of her career to her late husband’s family firm, Genesis & Sons. That is, if they’ll consider hiring a hated Maddox…

CEO Luca Calcagni is determined to teach the rebel youngest daughter of their biggest rival firm the lesson of her life by hiring her as his personal assistant. He never counted on their explosive attraction any more than she counted on discovering herself pregnant with his dead brother’s son. When she threatens to raise her child as far as possible from the reaches of their age-old family feud, it’ll take his most skillful negotiating to maneuver her into a marriage of convenience to keep her and the last tie to his brother – her unborn child – in town.

Except marriage to the stunning, artistic, and complex Jacey turns out to be anything but convenient…

Her Billionaire Bodyguard

Sweet Romantic Suspense with a non-tragic Romeo and Juliet twist!

After walking in her two sisters’ shadows most of her life, Bailey Maddox secures a promotion as Vice President of Marketing at DRAW Corporation. She is anxious to prove her worth to her hard-to-please family, but a series of threats propels her straight into the arms of a hunky bodyguard. Knowing her billionaire family will never welcome him into their inner circle due to his lack of wealth and social consequence, she resists the attraction that sparks between them.

Don Kappelman, ex Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, is in the business of serving and protecting. That includes looking after the stunning Bailey Maddox at a charity ball, even though he knows associating himself with a Maddox spells trouble. It also spells heartache when they share a kiss that she brushes off as simply part of his job.

Torn between old loyalties and new, past dangers and present ones, they play the game of hearts within the treacherous realms of the rich and famous.

Her Billionaire Secret Admirer

Sweet Romantic Suspense with a spine-tingling Shakespearean Richard III twist!

Alora Maddox has been named successor CEO to the mega think tank known as DRAW Corporation. As threats and dangers swirl around her, and one family member in particular guns for her job, she puts a few stop measure precautions in place, never dreaming how quickly tragedy will strike.

As Chief Operating Officer of Genesis & Sons, Rhys Calcagni has loved Alora from afar for years, but the bitter rivalry between their firms and the decades-old feud between their families has made the hope of any future between them impossible. When a hit-and-run accident leaves Alora fighting for her life, however, he fears he’s missed his opportunity to give his heart to the one woman worth holding it.

Amidst company buyouts, conflicting loyalties, and a family member they suspect is an imposter, the game of hearts continues in this spine-tingling saga between two powerful billionaire dynasties.

Her Billionaire Best Friend

The saga continues in this Sweet Billionaire Romantic Suspense series!

Titus Rand was sent to Anchorage for one reason — to investigate the possibility of hiring Genesis & Sons to develop cutting-edge cyber technologies on behalf of his top-secret organization. To get close to Genesis executives, however, he has to go undercover as the head of his own security firm and provide bodyguard services…which inevitably makes his path cross again and again with a lovely nursing supervisor named Jolene Shore. There’s only one problem with pursuing her. His line of work leaves him no time for love.

Titus soon finds himself caught up in the ongoing feud between two powerful billionaire dynasties, both of whom he’s trying to protect from a silent enemy seeking to topple their empires — all the while juggling his feelings for the woman whose heart he swore to protect by keeping his distance. It doesn’t help that his latest assignment has him working alongside her to guard the newest ward of the Maddox clan, a man with a puzzling diagnosis who requires constant medical attention.

Although Titus decides it’s best for both their sakes to keep Jolene firmly in the friend category, it’s getting harder each day to ignore their growing attraction.

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