The Lost Colony Series

Into The Mainland


An unusually lovely apothecary apprentice, Agnes Wood is forced from her country parish to the social whirl of London when her aunt and uncle negotiate her betrothal to an older nobleman to satisfy her uncle's gaming debts. While attempting to make the most of a bad situation, she accidentally commits a crime that will lead her to the other side of the world and into the crosshairs of a far more dangerous game. The layers of a terrifying conspiracy unfold, and two powerful men fight over her heart in the winner-take-all rugged wilderness of the New World.

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Higher Tides


Lord Anthony Cage departs on a private expedition south of Virginia in the attempt to bury his broken heart in his work. He fully expects to encounter trouble along the way but not in the first hour of his trek, and certainly not in the form of the ravishing, pampered daughter of a prominent Spanish general.


Maria Isabella Pedrosa is on the run from a cruel fiancé whose pirate crew will stop at nothing to recapture her. She will have to use every wile in her extensive repertoire to seduce the dashing English lord into aiding in her escape.


With their countries hurtling towards war, they are sworn enemies by association, but that doesn’t prevent their instant and fiery attraction. Is love strong enough to conquer all in the savage wilderness of the New World, or is their relationship too hot to handle behind enemy lines?

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Breaking Ties


A bluestocking before her time, Rose Payne signs up as a ship clerk for a risky colonial venture and flees to the New World to outrun a broken heart. When she and her friends fall prey to a deadly conspiracy, she must turn to their only Native ally for help. But the price for his services won’t be cheap. He wants her!

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Trail of Crosses


Jane Mannering, an avid huntress and tracker, plots the escape of her enslaved fellow colonists, never dreaming her quick trigger finger and gallant efforts will spark the heated interest of the most feared tribal leader in Virginia. Unfortunately for him, a romantic tryst is not part of her escape plan.

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