Mail Order Brides Rescue Series

Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #1


The only mail-order bride agency with a Gallant Rescuer Insurance clause!

Gabe Donovan, notorious bounty hunter, is busy trying to outride an Arizona-sized hole in his heart, when the director of the Gallant Rescue Society offers him the chance to redeem his tortured soul by tracking a missing mail order bride. He can hardly believe the ghost who’s been haunting his memories is a dead ringer for the missing bride in the photograph.

Either the woman he’s never stopped loving has a twin, or she did a bloody good job of faking her own death and crushing his hopes of any kind of future together. There’s only one way to find out — track down the hot-tempered beauty and haul her back to Headstone for questioning!

Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #2


When a runaway bride meets a true cowboy!

Tennyson Barra, a claim jumper turned rancher, is ready to settle down with a wife and family of his own. He figures the easiest way to find the perfect woman is to let the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company do the searching for him.

He never counted on his prospective bride being kidnapped by highwaymen on her journey out West. Or being the man sent to rescue her only to discover she never intended to follow through with their marriage contract in the first place…

With a dangerous former fiancé from Boston dogging her heels and two bandits determined to recover the bounty she so cleverly plucked from them, Callie Abbott turns out to be nothing Tennyson expected in a woman but everything he decides he wants.

He only has a few days to convince her that running from her troubles will never be half as enjoyable as facing them together — as lifelong partners.

Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #3


When tying the knot might actually be their best bet!

Levi Barra receives a telegram warning him to pay off a loan he wasn’t aware existed or risk losing his ranch. Since his half-sister has been badgering him for months about finding a good woman to marry, he decides the quickest way to solve both his problems is to advertise for a mail-order bride with a background in law.

Felicity Braxton has all but given up her dream of practicing law, because not one firm on the East coast seems willing to hire a female lawyer. So when the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company describes the unlimited opportunities on the Western frontier, she can’t sign a contract fast enough — though she fully plans to negotiate a delay in her wedding ceremony upon her arrival.

She didn’t count on falling so quickly for her bashful giant of a groom-to-be any more than he intended to put her in danger by going head-to-head with an unscrupulous financial firm.

He can only pray her fiery spirit combined with his Paul Bunyan strength will be enough to save his homestead and each other.

Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #4


All the things she wanted most — love, family, and acceptance — her money couldn't buy.


Meg Gladstone is a vastly wealthy heiress who’s never tasted life outside the palatial fortress where she was reared and raised for her own safety. The moment the reins to her late father’s shipping dynasty pass to his business partner, she embarks on an adventure to discover what it means to live a normal, ordinary life.

Unfortunately, her wealth and reputation are known far and wide throughout the East. She soon determines she will have to travel much farther to escape her privileged upbringing and all the suffocating restrictions that accompany it. On a whim, she walks into a mail-order bride agency to inquire who would employ such outlandish means to find a husband. To her surprise, the matchmaker spins a tale about love, family, and acceptance — all the things she longs for that her money can’t buy.

On the other side of the country, Shad Nicholson grows weary of his solitary existence as an undercover federal marshal. He wants a wife but doesn’t have the time to spare the exhaustive perils of courtship. In a weak moment, he writes the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company for help.

When Meg arrives to Arizona with her glorious collection of gowns and mountains of luggage, Shad worries he might have made the biggest mistake of his life. Can two such different people find all the beautiful things they are seeking together, or will the secrets they’re both harboring soon tear them apart?


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #5


She needed the perfect husband — no questions asked — the moment she stepped   off the train.


To the world, Daisy Danvers is a spoiled young debutante from Boston who always gets what she wants. But she has secrets — big, festering secrets she doesn’t want her best friend, Meg Nicholson, to find out. All she needs from Meg is a promise to help her find the perfect husband the moment she steps off the train in Headstone, Arizona. Her very life might depend upon it.

She never dreamed her troubles would follow her out West, and a whole posse of armed robbers would be waiting for her when she disembarked. She also never dreamed a cocky cowboy would sweep her away to safety on his horse.

It’s way too bad the devilishly handsome Prescott Barra claims he’s already affianced to another woman, because he’s everything she’s been looking for in a husband. He’s brave and fearless with a streak of adventure as wide as the canyons they’re riding. When she discovers he has a secret or two of his own, she begins to hope that maybe — just maybe — their secrets will lead them to each other.


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #6


She longed for a fresh start — preferrably one with a chance at true love.


Olivia Rothschild has made yet another mistake. She tries to follow the advice of her social climbing Aunt Beatrice, but she never quite plays the game of a debutante to her guardian’s satisfaction. This time, she’s kissed the wrong man — in plain view of her biggest rival, no less, who can’t wait to spread the scandalous tale. According to her aunt, she must marry the man with haste or face complete ruin.

Jordan Branson and his brother run a vastly successful mail-order bride business, but sometimes he grows a tad weary of arranging everyone else’s happily-ever-afters and never his own. He’s in just one of those moods when the wealthy heiress, Olivia, wanders into his office, utterly distraught at what her life has become after the loss of her parents. She’s desperate for a fresh start, far from the jaded social whirl of the big city.

After a short interview, he decides any man with red blood running through his veins would be overjoyed to court a woman of her wit, kindheartedness, and beauty. However, he finds himself in no terrible hurry to marry her off to the next would-be groom in line. Perhaps a compromise might be in order — one that requires him to hold off selecting her perfect match until her arrival in Arizona. He takes it a step farther and personally accompanies her since he has business in that direction, never imagining what perils of the heart the gesture would set in motion.

Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #7


As far as he was concerned, she was guilty by association, and he planned to see her back behind bars as soon as possible!


Jane Sherrington is the sister of one of the most notorious outlaws in the west. Captured during a massive roundup, she is the key to bringing the cunning and dangerous Hunter Sherrington to justice. There’s only one problem: The lawmen in Headstone, Arizona cannot seem to pin a single indictment on the lovely little sharp-shooter, so they release her into the custody of a local attorney and former mail-order bride, Felicity Barra.

Felicity’s youngest brother-in-law, Dodge, is the first to lay eyes on their infamous houseguest when the sheriff delivers her to their ranch home. He is inexplicably drawn to her air of innocence and wistfulness, but he knows better than to trust appearances. Anyone with the last name of Sherrington spells trouble. Realizing it is only a matter of time before her brother comes to her rescue, he slyly befriends her, fully intending to help build a case against her that will lead to their joint arrest.

Her pleading for his assistance comes as a surprise. She has considerable lost time to make up for after five years on the road with a posse of bad hombres. For one thing, she has missed a load of schooling and requires a tutor. And from what he can tell, she has never had a real friend…like him. As Christmas approaches, he finds himself torn between family loyalties, the call of justice, and his growing attraction to the brave and spirited young woman he teasingly calls Jinglebell Jane.


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #8


The plan was to marry in order to solve both their problems, but you know what they say about best laid plans!


Amelia Cornwall, an absentminded music instructor, has been dismissed without notice from her position at the orphanage, because they’ve completely run out of funds. If it wasn’t for a happenstance peek at a newspaper clipping, advertising the services of the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company, she might very well have spent her next night on the street.

Cattle rancher Nathan Jagger has recently taken custody of a rambunctious niece and nephew in desperate need of a woman's nurturing and guidance. When a fellow cowpoke recommends sending off for a mail-order bride, he sees an opportunity to skip the troublesome interview process and provide them with a nanny, mother, and everything else all at once, leaving him free to return to his roping and ranching.

It’s a tidy little marriage contract that’ll provide the perfect solution to both Amelia and Nathan’s problems — or at least that's the plan. But everyone knows what they say about best-laid plans!


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #9


Call her crazy for taking a one-way trip west when she couldn't afford a return ticket, but love was simply a risk worth taking!


Belinda Fairfax has an ax to grind with Colt Branson. She’s been patient — as patient as can be expected by a woman who was jilted at the altar by the only man she’s ever loved. She quietly supported his decision to travel west in search of his missing sister. She wordlessly held her tongue when he and his brother opened a mail-order bride agency — with their one-of-a-kind Gallant Rescuer clause — to help prevent any other would-be brides from suffering the way their sister had suffered.

However, Belinda draws the line at watching Colt’s brother, Jordan, fall in love and marry one of their lovely clientele. For all she knows, Colt may be courting someone, too. She breaks her silence with a letter, delivered to Headstone by the next mail-order bride. When a few months pass with no response, she decides writing isn’t enough. Without the funds to travel west to confront her former affianced, she sees no other choice but to sign one of his blasted bridal agency contracts and send herself to Arizona as a would-be bride!


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #10


When a handsome doctor sets up a private practice in a town desperately short of marriageable young ladies!


Dr. Rory Jude is tired of coming in second — second in his father’s affections, second-in-line to run the family business, and the second choice of the lady he is courting who always seems to have her eye on a wealthier suitor. He responds to an advert to open his own medical practice in Arizona, determined to change his stars, and finds himself in a town desperately short of marriageable women. Until a chance encounter with a mail-order bride agency owner opens his eyes to new possibilities…

Convinced she is destined for greater things, Trudy Crandall skips her debutante season in lieu of attending the Boston School of Nursing. When her family pressures her to enter an arranged marriage following her graduation, she pleads with the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company to help her take control of her destiny. To her surprise, they claim to have the perfect groom in mind to make all her wishes come true!


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #11


A small-town spinster more concerned about the happiness of others than her own and a highly eligible bachelor determined to change her mind...


Madge Barra has a finger in every pie — managing her rascal half-brothers and their mail-order brides, feeding the diamond mining crew at Hope’s Landing, and helping fundraise for the Ladies Auxiliary. Now she’s being asked to serve as the church secretary until their handsome new pastor can hire full-time help. With her too-busy schedule spinning her straight for spinsterhood, Madge fears she’s long since missed her chance at love.

Abe Sullivan is at his wits’ end managing church renovations while juggling the never-end charity outreaches, Sunday potlucks, and other demands of the meddling Ladies Auxiliary. When they dish up the delectable Madge as his temporary secretary, however, he discovers there’s one woman in the world whose meddling he actually enjoys. Unfortunately, Madge makes it clear she’s far too busy to make time for him on her personal calendar.

He enlists the help of a local matchmaker in his quest to convince her to court him and accidentally stirs up a whole new level of bridal nerves, mishaps, and mayhem!


Mail Order Brides Rescue Series #12


A mail-order bride who’s gone missing — not once, but twice — and the reformed outlaw determined to hand her the happily-ever-after she deserves…

MaryAnne Branson is the stuff legends are made of. She’s a mail-order bride who’s survived things no one else in the Wild West has survived. But surviving isn’t the same as riding off into the sunset, especially when the man she falls in love with happens to be on the most wanted list of outlaws in Arizona.

Hunter Sherrington is the kind of man who’ll make an instant hero out of the lucky deputy who finally captures him. Unfortunately for the lawmen in Arizona, he’s spent the last several years being a hard target. When the unexpected rescue of a damsel in distress turns his life around, he begins to wonder if running is still the answer.

Because lately, the only place Hunter has wanted to run is straight into MaryAnne’s arms!


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