Ornamental Match Maker Series

Angel Cookie Christmas

Willa Murray receives a gift of an angel cookie ornament with a note signed by Mrs. Claus. It bears a cryptic message about watching for an angel in disguise who will soon cross her path. With her job as a lead actress in jeopardy (since the theater owner's niece wants the position for herself), she shrugs off the strange gift and heads home to Pinetop, Arizona for a long overdue visit with her folks.


One of the first people in town she encounters is the annoying and cocky blast from her past, Angel Castellano, who's been bragging since age eight that he plans to marry her some day. He's grown into a much taller and handsomer man than he had any right to. He's also the owner and head chef of a dinner theater in desperate need of a new entertainment director for the upcoming Christmas pageant, a position he is quick to offer her. Plus he makes the world's most amazing gingerbread cookies shaped liked angels, which he clearly is not despite his name — cookies that bear a startling resemblance to the ornament she was gifted before leaving the city.


For the first time in months, Willa begins to hope there might be something more for her to look forward to than life as a has-been actress in full-blown spinsterhood. Perhaps the elusive Mrs. Claus was right and Willa's very own Angel has been hiding in plain sight all these years.

Star Studded Christmas

Tilly Cassidy receives a lovely gingerbread star ornament from Mrs. Claus with a note that claims her next wish upon a star will lead to what her heart desires most. It’s way too bad all her biggest dreams fall into the impossible category — like her foolish wish for a train ticket she can’t afford in order to attend her best friend’s wedding in Pinetop, Arizona. Then there’s her wish to find a little joy and happiness of her own along the way.

The moment the hardworking maid dares to make such impossible wishes, everything in her upside-down world changes. Soon the only thing standing in the way of true love is a villain from her past. Fortunately, the new and dashing sheriff of Pinetop is anxious to assist her, and she begins to wonder if she was wrong to stop believing in happily-ever-afters.

Stolen Heart Valentine

Annamae Beckett is filled with envy after witnessing a wildly romantic wedding proposal from the town sheriff to a dear friend. She figures something so magical could never happen to an impoverished actress like herself. 

Soon afterwards, she receives a gift of a lovely cookie heart ornament from Mrs. Claus and Cupid. It’s accompanied by a note warning her about a man who will attempt to steal her heart from the one who truly deserves it. Considering she has no beau at all, Annamae can’t fathom having two men fight over her, so she dismisses the mysterious message as a prank.

Until she comes face to face with two handsome strangers, both vying for her attention and both determined to steal her heart from the other…

Miracle for Christmas in July

Mercy is happy for her best friend, Annamae, when she falls in love and marries, but she is saddened by the fact it leaves her desperately alone at the boarding house. She dearly misses her roommate and all the good times they shared as struggling actresses.

In the midst of her melancholy, she receives a gift of a lovely pair of gingerbread cookies from Mrs. Claus — a cheerful boy and girl decorated with red and white icing, holding hands. They’re accompanied by a note announcing that Christmas miracles come to those who believe, and love is the greatest miracle of all.

Mercy is breathless with excitement to realize it’s finally her turn, because every young woman in Pinetop who’s received such a gift has ended up married to the man of her dreams. There’s only one problem. Her own dreams have always included a knight, with skin as dark as her own, riding off with her into the sunset; whereas the only man currently vying for her affections is the giant of a Scotsman who serves as her trapeze partner at Castellano’s.

Is it possible Mrs. Claus knows Mercy’s heart better than she knows it herself? Also, is it complete stuff and nonsense to believe a Christmas miracle is coming her way in July?

Home for Christmas

Penelope Pierce has been hiding behind the alias of Pepper Smith ever since she fled the Saints, her father’s notorious gang of bank robbers. It’s her greatest fear that they will find her and force her to end her short-lived stint as a singer to return to their nomadic existence. She knows she should keep running, but her stop-over in Pinetop, Arizona somehow turns into a year. It’s the closest she’s ever come to having a real home, and she dreads the day she will have to leave the charming little town where it’s the holidays year-round.

Sawyer McCarty has spend the entire last year of his life searching for his childhood sweetheart in order to deliver an unopened letter from her father. He’s also been begging the good Lord for a chance to prove to her that he’s left behind his life of crime and is ready to be the man she’s always believed he could be.

As both Pepper and Sawyer strive to overcome their pasts, little do they realize that the magic of Christmas starts in the hearts of all those who believe…and that there’s a whole lot of magic brewing in Pinetop this season!

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